Prestige and stability bring success

Valona Co.,ltd, the company formerly known as Ruby Star established in 2000s, have done business in three fields such as laboratory equipment, office stationeries, adhesive and sealant.

Ruby Star would like to separate the adhesive field with the establishing Valona Co.,ltd dated Oct 15th ,2015 to research better solutions for each applications required high standard glue being tailor made to specific material and substrate of customer’s products or working conditions.

For 5 years, we have constantly researched our products in parallel with regular customer’s feedback. Valona oriented technology, focusing on technological innovation and integrating R&D, production, sales and technical services.

Valotek brand has been reserached and developed, manufactured at Viet Nam, Thailand and Bangladesh factory such as hot melt adhesive (granule, PSA , glue stick, ..), milk glue (water-based glue), spray glue (solvent-based glue),… all of them has been trusted in a long time. Besides Valotek brand, there are Vegamelt, Minerva, Icetech ones belongs to Selic. Selic Corp has been famous glue and chemicals company of the Thailand over 40 years and exported all over the world.

Currently, Valona has been proud of be Vietnamese company glue  supplying  adheasive solutions for domestic and foreigner companies from Korea, Japan, Germany, Thailand, Australia, United Kingdom,Taiwan, Denmark... whose factories located in Viet Nam, thanks to well trusting and frequently giving feedback from patrons above, Valona always improve quality and creat new product to be suitable for new demand. Valona has an ongoing globally stretched out and had exported to Australia, Singapore, Bangladesh, Thailand and Europe.