VALONA Company always strives constantly to bring optimal products to customers with dedication and responsibility. To be able to realize it, we are determined to follow its quality policy with the principles of action:

Our whole company is committed to:

1. Ensuring to provide customers with stable quality products, fast delivery, and favorable payment.

2. Listen, understand and quickly handle problems that arise in customers.

3. Continuous product improvement to optimize product price and quality for customers.

4. People are the focus, choose the right people to do the right thing. Focus on capacity-building training appropriate for each individual.

5. Regularly improving the Quality Management System according to ISO 9001.

6. Communicate this quality policy to each employee in the company for understanding and implement it.

7. Build a sense of responsibility, self-awareness, and conscientiousness in each person.

8. Interaction and mutual support between departments in the company.

9. Training to improve quality management system expertise.