Solvent-based Adhesives

Solvent glue (spray glue) is an industrial glue which are mixtures of various ingredients such as solvents, plasticizers, catalysts (hardening agents). Solvent glue is used to paste hard-to-stick surfaces and widely used in many fields of production and life such as metal paste, foam, wood, household, pressed paste, office chair, sofa, fomica , rubber, nylon, paper, PU, TPR, PVC, MDF, HDF, shoes, bags, suitcases, indoor as well as outdoor furnitures. Solvent adhesive has many different types with different viscosities, depending on the type of bonding and the choice of suitable type. Usually there are 2 popular ways to glue:

1. Apply glue with a roller or brush: high viscosity glue.

2. Apply glue with a glue spray device - this is a common way used in the mattress industry, so often called spray glue.