Epoxy adhesive is a polymer-based adhesive formed by epoxy chemical group, epoxy glue is also known as rigid adhesives or rigid glues, because they have a high strength or load resistance, about 30 MPa to shear stresses, and low elongation.

Epoxy adhesive applications:

2-component and 1-component epoxy adhesives are used in all the joints that require high strength or load resistance due to its high resistance.

The main advantage of the 1-component epoxy adhesive with respect to the 2-component epoxy adhesive is the fast rate of cure and its superior resistance against the loads or efforts.

Epoxy adhesives are used in a wide branch of industry sectors, from manufacturing of structures in the aviation industry to the manufacture of hangers, sleeves for tools, fiber reinforced plastics, binding of the blades of wind turbines, etc ...

Depending on the fillers that contains, epoxy adhesive is also used as electrical conductors applied in microelectronics, as well as the thermal conductors.

Especially, 2-component epoxy adhesive is also used in wood interior decoration industry, making various handmade and beautiful jewelry accessories.

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