Name of Product

Reka Glue Gun MS 200.2

Device weight


Power connection

230 V/50 Hz, 2,6A

Power consumption

500 Watt

Protection class

I, IP 30

Operating temperature

50 – 200 °C

Temperature constancy

± 2 °C

Heat-up time

~ 5 minutes

Gross capacity

250 ml

Length of electrical connection

2,5 m

Recommended melting goods

Granulate, pillows and 43mm sticks


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REKA MS 200.2 is a hot melt glue gun which has selected by many customers because of the ease of use and convenience. It help you with processing hot melt adhesives in of granules, pillows or 43mm sticks shape.

Recommended melting goods

The nozzles can be easily replaced depending on the applications to meet the needs of customers. This is considered a special feature of the REKA glue gun.

Nozzles for all applications

In addition, the gun is also equipped with a temperature regulator, which helps the user to heat up at different temperatures according to each specific technical requirement.

MS 200.2 is compact, lightweight with an adjustable trigger that fits the hand easily and a stand with magnets helps the gun stand easily on metal surfaces. For semi-automatic production line, MS 200 is chosen by many customers because it brings higher productivity and cost savings in the long term.

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